The boy huffs, a puff of air making his nostrils flare as he rolled his eyes at his counterpart’s immediate reaction. The sort of pricked-lip-sneer is returned, but he doesn’t speak. Obviously the paler of the two hadn’t gotten to what he wants to say, so he might as well endure it for the time being. 

      Again, though, his brow sinks and nose pinches at the top, creases forming at the question and Ichigo seeming a mix of offended and baffled. A million different things run in his head at a pace similar to a speeding train, ‘til it all smashes together. He’s almost annoyed by the question, because what has happened to him again and again? People he’s cared about have been used as ploys and bait against him; his sisters, Inoue, Rukia, and so on and so forth. His zanpakuto knows this, he ought to be well aware of it, so why even propose such a thought? 

"You say that like it hasn’t happened before." 

      “I—… I care about him, so what? It doesn’t make him a weakness.” 
      “Do you forget who I fight for in the first place?” 

      There’s a pause in his breath, chest almost shaking because he has to say these things aloud— surely, he’s acknowledged them, because Grimmjow’s someone he cares for now, so he has. There’s a certain weight and intensity though when it hangs in the air, bare and open, between him and his half. He gathers himself quickly, voice loud and clear when he speaks; no doubt or fear in his tone. 


"I’ll fight for him, too." 

      When he seems solid and clear in his standing— the last question is like a jackhammer to concrete and it crack, pieces crumbling away at the shell. His eyes shoot open for a second, baffled at the thought, one that had never occurred to him, and one that seems all too… too far away of a reality. It didn’t seem right, it didn’t sound right; when he tried to envision it there was only static. His head jerks back a moment, almost defensive when he spits back, a touch of venom on his words. How can such a thought even be true? His chest clutches and aches and his ribs feel like they’re caving in when he breathes, and he hurts. The thought makes him hurt so horribly in a way he doesn’t understand. It’s a pain that crawls up the chain of his body to his memories, hallucinogenic-like recollection of an arm ripping through his body and the hesitation in his blade, the pause in stride to call out to something seemingly asleep and gone. It’s blurry and it makes the scars on hi stomach burn and he feels a fear that makes his whole body want to shake, but he stifles it, smothers it relentlessly and Ichigo speaks in a rush.

      That touch of fear doesn’t leave slightly widened brown eyes, though.

                   ”He wouldn’t do that—

                                    Inverted eyes rolling at his others words, How could he forget who he fights for when it was constantly at the forefront of his mind thanks to the man currently before him. As the zanpakuto of the protector he should at least try warding him away from anymore weaknesses than he currently held, Shouldn’t he? A slightly drawing of his eyebrows came with the thoughts before he turning his attentions back to his other when noticing a twitch of his which told him he had more to say on the subject.

                     Eyelids lowering over bright golden hues at the other words, A hint of what could be considered pity at his words though not for how hard he would fight for these “people” but for the fact that his other couldn’t see the dangerous situation he was putting himself in, Perhaps he was just ignoring the fact that someone stronger than he could eventually come just like before and rip apart his entire world in mere seconds, He couldn’t understand why he needed to fight for them, Why he couldn’t just fight to gain power and conquer something seeing as he now held the ability to do so, He could even have the chance to build an army to keep the dangers of this world away from himself and perhaps the creatures he held dear safe, But he was sure his other would never doing something like that, His need to protect everyone with his own two hands was insatiable and with it his need to grow stronger to aid him in his work was the same of which he was grateful for, He just couldn’t understand these seemingly complicated emotions.


              Scoffing before turning away from his other in attempt to gather his thoughts while his final words began to sink in to his head, Unnecessary movement came from his shoulders as the onslaught of emotions flooded him from his other, Leaving a bitter taste on the back of his tongue as he began another glaring session at the honey colored hues which seemed to have hundreds if not more emotions going through them, Another quick rise and fall of his shoulders with the expansion of his chest with the intake of air, Eyes widening slightly at the emotion creeping into the darkening mixture of colors that made up his irises, This was one he knew and had come to understand quite well in his time with the other.

                  He was struck speechless at the others words and emotions, The pale features losing every bit of previously held emotion as he stared at the other, His words repeating without end in his mind, Irritation quickly built into rage as pale eyebrows furrowed with a rare expression of human emotion, Fear and anger mixing together as he tried to find words to say to the man, The words escaping him before he could get them out before without thinking he began yelling at his other.

                   His voice strained and almost weak before gathering strength as he released every ounce of emotion he had held back from his other,                              ' —Can't you see what he's doing to you?!'   Thin, pale lips separating from one another to bare the sharpened white teeth which remained clench under almost crushing pressure, A scoff escaping as he turned away from the other once more before his words softened to a whisper as if he didn’t truly want the other to hear him as his disgusted snarl slid into a deep frown.

' Why do you have to choose to hang around goons like him? '

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a person of unnatural or extreme
ugliness, deformity, wickedness,
or cruelty

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I can’t stop myself from teasing him ///v///
Icchi is such an older brother type, ain’t he?

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so….is that a yes—

       ’ Do you have nothing better to do than make up useless “jokes” in your spare time? ‘


wanna hear my jokes

         ’ —About as much as I wanna hear Ichigo talk about that blue bastard. ‘

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 Disgruntled zanpakuto noises

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snxw-queen asked;
Network :: Are they connected to the people? How much do they reach out to others?


He doesn’t connect with people, but he often reaches out to people but not to make bonds. He doesn’t want people to be around Ichigo in order to Keep him safe in a since, As if he were growing a crop growing for harvest.

Beverage :: What do they most like to drink, and why?


I wouldn’t so much as call it a beverage.

Before Ichigo releases his full power the excitment of the release he feels with him calling on his power causes him to either bite his finger nails till they bleed or tearing into his arms till the blood starts to poor, He believes having the taste of his own blood on the back of his tongue will strengthen Ichigo’s power as it will make his hollows energy kaotic as his lust for blood takes over.

Yack :: What’s their favorite thing to talk about? What do they go on about?

Their growing power and Ichigo’s knowledge in battle strategy, While its more likely he’s criticizing it he does give a few stray compliments when his other finishes something quickly. He could talk about Ichigo all day thought it would involve Shiro being nothing but a pissy brat because of shit he does.




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             { only }       
    thing I fear is the
       m o n s t e r
 I see within my own
 r  e  f  l  e  c  t  i  o  n 

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-snickers at u like how cute- Naw, I really know my URL is sometimes difficult for people. But the whole icon stealing thing, I recognize icons from 8 different blogs on that one. Some were mine that I’d made before.

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-offers u a warm blanket, some tea, and my puppy to cuddle- I know what you mean.
Casually slides you a sweet.
…….. Thank friend. ;u;
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Alignment :: What would be their D&D alignment? How might it come into play?
Beverage :: What do they most like to drink, and why?
Co-Habitate :: Do they live with anyone? What’s “need to know” before moving in?
Decor :: What kind of home do they keep? Are there any defining details?
Escape :: What do they do to destress? How successful is it?
Fluff :: What hits their soft spot? Does anything them into emotional goo?
Grudge :: How bad does an insult go over? Do they hold a grudge long?
Hobby :: What’s something they do for fun that might be surprising?
Insomnia :: What’s their sleeping schedule like? Snorer? Sound sleeper?
Jaded :: Do they buy into the “happily ever after” ideal? What’s their standard?
Kin :: What’s their role among their relations? Do they consider others family?
Law :: What do they think about abiding rules? Are they selective about it?
Magic :: In a magic series or not, are they accepting, or is each instance a shock?
Network :: Are they connected to the people? How much do they reach out to others?
Offspring :: What kind of parent would they be? Would they prefer one, or multiple?
Pistol :: Is this character skilled with a weapon? What’s their opinion of violence?
Question :: How often do they feel doubt? What topics are they defensive about?
Reminder :: How are they at remembering daily needs? What falls through the cracks?
Sing :: Do they like music? Do they listen often/sing/hum/play songs in their head?
Touch :: How do they handle contact? Is their personal bubble big?
Upcoming :: How much do they think of the future? Do they make long-term plans?
Vice :: What bad habits do they have? Is there something they would be ashamed of?
Wardrobe :: What’s their fashion style? Do they have any staple pieces?
X-Ray :: How’s their health? Any problem areas? Do they take care of themselves?
Yack :: What’s their favorite thing to talk about? What do they go on about?
Zodiac :: What’s their astro sign? Does it fit? What would you pick, if it’s unknown?

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